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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Sample Question Paper - English - Std X

Here is a sample Question Paper for second Terminal Evaluation for English in Class 10. It is only a humble attempt. Those who go through this question paper are requested to point out the errors, if any, and to put forward suggestions.
                                    -M A Rasack Vellila

Click here to Download Question Paper

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  1. Hats off... Though all of us are aware of the scarcity of question papers due to the revised text book,no one comes forward to prepare one.Hats off once again.But I have one suggestion.You could have included questions from both poems(The Ballard of father Gilligan&Poetry).

    1. Sir, Actually the second portion in the question paper is from 'Poetry'. But the Title was given as 'The Ballard of father Gilligan'. It was a mistake. Lines and Questions are from the 'poetry'. I have Replaced the file correcting the title also...Thank you


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