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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Teaching Manuals, Notes, Worksheets - English

Mrs. Leena V, H S A English Ghss kodungallur.Thrissur. has prepared and shared with us the Teaching manuals of English for std 9 and 10.
She has also forwarded notes on unit 3 of std 9 and 10, and two worksheets for teaching reported speech in std 9 and 10.
Hope this will be useful for the teachers and students as well...

Team Spandaname expresses the wholehearted gratitude to Mrs. Leena V for her great effort...


  1. Thank you madam.....great work... very useful and helpful

  2. You all, the entire team of Spandanam, are doing a great, appreciable thing by making almost all materials available online for both the student and teacher community all over the state.I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude for all efforts you take in this regard.The Teaching Manuals,the answer keys etc.are very helpful for teachers whereas the notes and videos are useful to both.Congratz....

    1. Thank you sir.
      Your support is our energy. Your suggestions and remarks are always welcome


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